Bundle lounge chair Leder Elen Donker bruin 1221 (cat.65)
LEVERTIJD: 2 weken

Walter Knoll

8 078,00

Levertijd: 2 weken

“Buuuuuun-dle!” The game, popular not only with children in Great Britain, becomes pure bliss. Pile up clothes and blankets, shout “buuuuuun-dle” and dive right into the soft make-shift cushions. This promise of happiness is inherent in the new sofa designed by EOOS. The soft upholstery looks like a large folded blanket, a design idea supposedly as simple as it is ingenious. The end result is a sofa which unites all the sensorial qualities of a well-designed piece of upholstered furniture. Softer, gentler, homelier. A pure bundle of joy.

Versie:Leder Elen Dark Brown 1221 (cat.65)
AFMETINGEN: 145 x 175 x h78 cm
LEVERTIJD: 2 weken

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Afmetingen:145 x 175 x h78 cm



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