This redesign of a modern living room with furniture of character and quite some custom work shows nicely how closely our interior architects are involved in the realization of the dreams of our customers.

“The clients visited our showroom and asked to reorganize the living area, which consists of a sitting room and a TV room”, says Filip Versmissen. A first tour of our Master showroom as an introduction to the customer is an important step in the process. “You have to find out as much as possible about the client in the shortest possible time to make a design which is as customized to the persons as possible."

Filip drew the technical plans but also made a 3D impression. “Simple but very useful. We do this only with custom work so that the client has a good idea what the room will look like.” In this particular living room, two closets and a wall lighting were custom made in our Master atelier.

Custom closets and wall lighting

An important part of Filip’s new design was a low L-shaped piece of furniture. It has two functions: it serves both as a storage space, as a book closet and bar cabinet among other things, and as a partition between the sitting area and TV room so a B&B Italia sofa could be placed against it.

The two space are still connected through the wall lighting. “Another custom design, which is dimmable with a remote control. We have chosen the material to fit the parquet on the floor. "

Choice of furniture

There is a radiator next to the Flexform sofa in the other corner of the room. “We have encased it without reducing its activity”, Filip says. “A beautiful lamp is now standing on top of it and a small shelf was incorporated so you can put your glass safely away.”

Besides the B&B Italia and Flexform sofa’s, our customers choose a carpet from Swedish Kasthall, the Shell side table from Zanotta and the beautiful blue B&B Italia Grande Papilio armchairs. Finally, the clients’ Pastoe television cabinet was completely repainted in the Master atelier so that our customers could fully enjoy their brand new interior.