Master Gallery

Master Meubel is your gateway to the world of designer furniture. We are inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship of the real masters of design. Come visit our Gallery and showroom and discover their masterpieces!

Since its opening in 1985, our showroom has always displayed exclusive, high-quality designer furniture from all over the world. The pieces are presented in a unique, historic environment and with a deep-rooted passion for design that’s literally in our genes.

To us, it’s imperative that we offer quality, aesthetics and timelessness, so you, the customer, can make the best possible choice. Master Meubel keeps an eye on the trends by working closely together with all its suppliers and regularly visiting trade fairs and workshops by renowned brands. We don’t forget about the achievements of the design masters from the past, however!

Welcome to the Master Gallery

That's why one of the floors of the showroom is dedicated to the Master Gallery. Here, we introduce you to the biggest names in contemporary design by showing you their most famous pieces of furniture.

Discover classics like the Willow Chair by Mackintosh, the Red & Blue Chair by Rietveld and the LC4 by Le Corbusier in real life and learn how they changed the history of furniture design.

The Master Gallery is particularly popular with architects and students. We regularly organise tours and courses, taking the opportunity to point out the significance of the masters of contemporary design and of the authenticity of the original designs.

Classics in the Master showroom

Of course, you’ll find plenty of classics in the rest of our showroom too. Both recent ones (such as the Thonet 1025 side table by James Van Vossel) and re-released older designs, such as the Le Corbusier collection by Cassina. Discover these master pieces by more than 100 famous designer brands in our showroom and webshop.

You can view the master pieces currently for sale at Master Meubel here.