Soft Minimal – Norm Architects: a sensory approach to architecture and design

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Guided by the purpose of wellbeing, the essence of Norm Architects’ style is balance: richness focused by restraint, simplicity imbued with warmth, complexity heightened by order. Be it architecture, interiors, or furniture, Norm’s unique brand of soft minimalism speaks to the mind as much as the body, creating and curating spaces for all.
The first self-curated monograph by Norm Architects, Soft Minimal showcases a range of works which facilitated their establishment as key figures within Nordic design. Presenting residential and commercial projects throughout Scandinavia, Italy and Japan, Norm reflects on Nordic traditions, modernist principles, and the importance of natural materials. Exploring a creative process that makes the visual speak to all senses, the book becomes insightful, inspirational, and deeply poetic.

LEVERTIJD: 2 weken

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